Marianna Griffin

Dragonheart Feng Shui

P.O. Box 12

Earlysville, VA  22936





November 30, 2007


Dear Marianna,


          Thank you so much for your excellent consultation.  You really helped me to make a huge energy shift in this house.  I was able to reclaim space for myself and effect changes in my writing habits which were previously impossible.  Your intuition was flawless about the effects that moving several pictures and mirrors would make.  It seemed impossible that such a small thing could make a difference in my life, but the result was no small thing.  It has helped me to establish better boundaries with others, and the atmosphere is not as inviting to those who are energy sappers.


You pointed out that the utility room was placed in the section of the house which Feng Shui designates for finances, resulting in a constant drain of wealth.  It is absolutely true!  I am currently unable to rework the well and septic to accommodate correct placement. Perhaps I will be able to make the desired changes at a later time.  I certainly hope that you will still be consulting in Charlottesville when the time comes.  I know I will need your help and intuition.  Thanks again for your wonderful service!




Elizabeth Kerr