Hi Marianna! I made the big change you recommended
(removed the lone wolf and replaced him with a large
print of the picture you gave me on a card -- I really like it). I also cut the bushes in the front and put plants and a nice family sculpture in the relationship corner of my office. And something changed in my life only a few weeks after. Someone new came into my life who thinks of himself as a wolf, but does not want to be alone and is a very attentive and sweet partner. We've been together now since last summer.
I also added the mirror behind the stove in the
kitchen that would bring wealth into my home. I feel
that has happened, as the addition of the upstairs
bathroom has increased the value of my home by more
than the cost of the addition -- that was an added
There's only one change that you recommended that I
didn't make because it seemed minor at the time and
not something I had any trouble with. I neglected to
put the light in the wisdom corner of the living room. I thought it sort of irrelevant to me because I've always done very well in academic things, and still do. However, I think this light pertains to a wisdom of a different sort. I'm realizing this as I realize a not so wise decision I made almost a half year ago -- I agreed to let a friend keep his two cats and dog in my house along with boxes of his stuff in my garage and basement. Now I'm eager to get rid of all this clutter and the meanings attached to them. I think I will go get a light and put it in that corner now.
So, altogether, I'm just amazed at how on target
your insights and consultation were, and how effective in bringing about awareness and change. I think you have an intuitive ability and I think you will do well with your pursuit.
All the best,