As a former practitioner of Oriental Medicine, I was well aware of how Qi (life force energies) can affect the body, mind and spirit using acupuncture. It intrigued me that Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, works similarly; this life force can be blocked or made to flow freely, affecting your total well-being.
Out of curiosity, I called Marianna for a Feng Shui consultation. At the time, I was very ready for a personal transformation to move my life forward. I felt stuck in the areas of money, career and relationships.
When we met, I was instantly impressed by her genuine respect for this elegant science and her perceptions about me, from a simple tour of my home. She correctly assessed my personality, pointing out what areas in my life were in or out of alignment with who I am. It was obvious to her from how I arranged my furniture to the way I kept my yard. I learned a lot about how our home can create an aura that can be felt by others, and that how we keep our surroundings are messages we give to our subconscious, whether good or bad.
For my assignment, I was given a list of things to do for my home. Marianna explained them as Feng Shui "cures" that can help to unblock Qi in the areas of my life that are stuck. With every adjustment made, she advised that I do it with loving intent. It took about two weeks to do the full makeover.
When we met again for my second session, she was impressed at how my home was completely transformed in appearance and "feel." Instead of a place of abandonment and neglect, it was now more warm and inviting.
Marianna added to making my home more of a sacred space by doing a house blessing. She did this by playing her favorite spiritual music while leading me in prayer with her. Surprisingly, there were moments where we both felt as though we had created a powerful vortex of energy that later exploded like a fireworks celebration throughout the house; it was very magical.
A few weeks later, I noticed dramatic changes in my life that were in the very areas worked on with Feng Shui. It was as if I was being showered with blessings: I was offered a new job with a higher salary; met a nice man who was more my equal partner in many ways; won a trip for two to Hawaii; and more people wanted to come over my house to visit.
Thank you Marianna for everything. - Joy Ramos from Portland, Oregon