When I answered Marianna's ad for Feng Shui help I was a bit apprehensive since I have never received help before, but only read on my own, but now I felt the need for some outside help. The apartment I was in had some unpleasant memories as well as good ones. I had inherited this house with its basement apartment from my mother. Many members of my family had lived in it at times and my mother had lived upstairs for over 25 years.
When Marianna arrived I was impressed that she knew a great deal and was able to quickly see spots that could be influencing my moods to the negative. She saw in what I thought were the most innocent objects and pictures unpleasant associations that I did not need in my space. I was only too happy to follow her suggestions because after she pointed out the problem I could then clearly see what she was referring to. Objects with broken parts and the subject manner referring to negative symbols were gladly disposed of. She has a unique ability to see details that had passed me by, and even saw trends that may have been related to an event in my past. I was glad to have this brought to my attention.
The experience was fun due to Marianna's pleasant personality and her enjoyment of helping me create a more positive atmosphere in my home.
Virginia Creitz Portland, Oregon